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" We have had a long relationship with APG precisely because of the high quality of your products, and the excellent customer support that we have consistently received from our account manager as well as other departments within APG. "

—Joseph Carri, Solutions Architect at Diebold Nixdorf

" APG UK has been a valued partner of TDX Tech since 2004.  Their products have always exceeded our expectations and, in our opinion, deserve the title “The Best-Built Cash Drawers in the World." "

—APG Partner

" They work really well! "

—Benjamin Gruber, Trek Bicycle Store of Charleston (T320-BL16195)

" This is my first purchase of an APG cash drawer and I haven’t really used it yet but I can tell you I just love it and I’m so so excited to start using it! I purchased two to use at both of our sales counters and they are going to make things much easier for us to process cash and check transactions. They’re so shiny and new. I Literally. Can’t. Even. I’m so excited! "

—Andres Alvarez, John Deere Landscapes (T320-BL1616)

" We’ve purchased these cash drawers before and are highly satisfied with your products "

—Andre Walker, City of Pearland Recreation Center & Natatorium (JD320-BL1816-C)

" Very reliable, easy to set up "

—Frieder Frotscher, Traditional German Food, LLC (Series 100 Cash Drawer)

" The APG cash drawer we use has no returns at all — an excellent product! "

—Var comment from BSM’s 2009 Best Channel Product (APG JB320-BL1816-C)

" One word: reliable. Years and years of use and abuse without failure. When I have needed support, APG was great. "

—Var comment from BSM’s 2009 Best Channel Vendor.