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APG Cash Drawer provides the resources to design, deliver, and ensure a successful customer experience, with unmatched speed and accuracy. From videos to case studies, to cash articles, to our global partner page, we work with our partners to create a suite of customized tools designed to support your sales needs.

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Cash As A Service

Sep 4, 2018

White Paper

Antwerp Bakery Case Study

May 9, 2018

White Paper

Irish Petrol Forecourt Eradicates Cash Handling Costs

Feb 6, 2018

White Paper

True Cost of Cash In Retail/Hospitality – IHL Study

Jan 10, 2018

White Paper

The SMARTtill® Solution eBook

Dec 29, 2017

White Paper

Product Brochures

Dec 28, 2017

White Paper

The Future of Cash Management in Retail

Dec 18, 2017

White Paper

Retail Stores in Dublin Eradicate Cash Shrinkage

Jun 7, 2017

White Paper

Enhanced Customer Service Through Productivity Savings

Jun 1, 2017

White Paper

From Counting Cash To Counting On Operational Excellence

Mar 20, 2017

White Paper

APG Partner Toast Cures Popular Food Truck’s POS Woes

Sep 13, 2016

White Paper

Cash Drawer Overview: Keys and Locks Description and Use

Mar 18, 2015

White Paper