MultiPRO® Interface

MultiPRO® Interface for all 24V Printers and Terminals (320)
MultiPRO® II Interface for all 12V Printers and Terminals (420)
MultiPRO® III Interface for all 12V or 24V Printers and Terminals (520)

Product Number Reference: MultiPRO® Pinout Guide (M-43-015 Rev A) , Connectivity Guide (M-43-031 Rev AP) , Dual Drawer Cable Guide (M-23G-042) 

DirectPRO™ Hardwired Cable and Connector or Custom

Product Number Refrence: MultiPRO® Pinout Guide (M-43-015 Rev A) , Connectivity Guide (M-43-031 Rev AP) 

Connectivity Guide

Product Number Reference: Connectivity Guide (M-43-031 Rev AP)