How do I build a Point of Sale (POS) system?

APG offers a cash drawer product configurator to help you identify which solution is right for your retail business. Users can sort by currency, POS life expectancy, number of annual transactions, business environment, mobility and security features, and drawer size and layout. Visit our Build a POS Solution page to find your POS cash register match today!

I bought my cash drawer from Square, where do I find replacement parts?

APG is the prefered cash drawer partner for Square POS. To review Square cash drawer parts and accessories, please visit our Square cash drawer page.

How do I manually release my cash drawer?

Looking for help on cash drawer manual release or cash drawer release? Watch the videos below to determine how to manually release a APG Cash Drawer.

  1. Determine what APG cash drawer you have purchased. Watch this video to help find your cash drawer part ID:
  2. Once you have determined your cash drawer part ID, watch the corresponding video below to learn how to manually release your cash drawer:

Vasario Cash Drawer / Manual Open

Series 100 Cash Drawer / Manual Open

Series 4000 Cash Drawer / Manual Open

My cash drawer did not come with keys, what can I do?

If you purchased a Series 100 or Series 4000 Cash Drawer:

Your cash drawer leaves the factory in the unlocked lock position as the keys are located inside the cash drawer. They will be secured to one of the bill hold downs within the insert till. You can remove the keys by squeezing the bill down and sliding the keyring loose.

If you purchased a Vasario Series Cash Drawer:

Your keys leave the factory in a small plastic bag taped to the bottom of the cash drawer. On occasion during shipping the keys come loose and fall into the bottom of the plastic bag that is around the cash drawer.  If your keys are not taped to the bottom of the cash drawer, check the plastic bag before discarding the packaging.

Don’t know what cash drawer you have? No problem. Watch the video below to determine what cash drawer you purchased.

How do I get a replacement cash drawer?

APG Cash Drawer sell product through Distributors, OEM customers, and Dealers. If you know who you purchased the original cash drawer from, please contact them and they should be able to assist you.

If you have an OEM POS system, you will need to reach out to them for assistance. If you can configure the cash drawer through our product configurator, you will be able to request a quote from a Distributor after the configuration is completed.

How do I operate my locking till cover?

Watch the video below to learn how to lock your till cover:

What does a locking till cover do?

What are the connection needs for my cash drawer?

View our Connectivity Guide for more information on how to connect your cash drawer.

How do I mount my cash drawer under a counter?

A cash drawer can be mounted under the retail counter with APG’s Under Counter Mounting Brackets (UCMB’s). This can free up additional counter space or help to keep the cash drawer out of plain sight.  With mounting brackets, retailers can secure a cash drawer under a counter to clean up checkout clutter.

To view our undercounting cash register mounting options, visit our online store and buy today!

undercounter cash register mounting under counter cash drawer mounting

How do I set up my cash drawer?

Are you trying to set up your cash drawer? Watch the video below to learn how to connect an APG cash drawer to a POS terminal.

Are you looking to set up a cash drawer with a receipt printer? Watch the video below to learn about setting up a cash register to connect to a POS receipt printer.

What is the Stratis Integration System?

APG’s Stratis™ Integration System for Tablet Based POS

APG Cash Drawer has designed purpose built solutions that enable mobile point of sale environments. Moving to a tablet-based system? Still want the look and feel of an integrated POS terminal while maintaining the flexibility of Thinbility POS? The Stratis™ Integration System can solve your problems.

 Hardware :

  • Sold separately, the Stratis™ Integration System consists of the Stratis™ Cash Drawer and Stratis™ Tablet Holder and when combined together they produce the Stratis™ Integration System.
  • Complementing retailers’ needs for mobile or thin POS solutions is the Stratis™ Integration System. Designed to present the tablet to both the clerk and the customer with a smooth rail system, the Stratis™ Tablet Holder is adjustable, allowing for a variety of tablet sizes to be used in either the portrait or landscape settings.
  • A hidden button releases the tablet converting it from a Thin POS station to a mobile solution in seconds. The Stratis™ Integration System easily enables mobile transactions with a tablet.
  • The magnetic base secures the Tablet Holder to the drawer for easy and secure placement. Sold separately from the cash drawer, the Stratis™ tablet holder can be integrated into existing POS environments and can be used with the Stratis™ cash drawer for a complete integration system.
  • Cable management is included with the Stratis™ cash drawer allowing the retailer to hide a variety of peripheral power cables including a tablet’s USB charging cable.
  •  The Stratis™ cash drawer comes standard with a chrome strip on the rear of the drawer which faces the customer. Retailers can choose to add an optional LED strip to further add to the esthetics of the Integration System.


How to Find Your Cash Register Part ID or Part Number

Wondering what kind of cash drawer you have? Trying to figure out your cash drawer part number or part ID? We can help! Follow the instructions below and watch the video to find out how to locate your cash drawer part ID or part number:

  1. If your key code on the lock front begins with an ‘A,’ you have a heavy duty cash drawer.
  2. Open the drawer remove and the till to see the silver label in the inner drawer.
  3. The J signifies you have a series 4,000 drawer and the T indicates you have the series 100 drawer. The last 6 digits before the dash are the manufacture date. This is your warranty start date.
  4. If you have a 3-digit code on your drawer lock, You have the Vasario -standard duty cash drawer and your part ID is located on the bottom of the whole unit. Please note the manufacture date label. This is your warranty start date.

If you are calling for assistance please have the part ID and serial number ready We will be happy to assist you. We truly thank you for purchasing our products.

Replacement Cash Drawer Keys + Locks

Did you lose or break your cash register key? Not to worry. Learn how to replace your broken key or lock on our keys and locks webpage. APG offers replacement keys for our Series 4000, Series 100 and Vasario product lines. Visit our Locks and Keys page to determine the right key part number for your cash drawer and order today: 

What is a cash drawer?

A cash drawer provides a means of temporarily storing cash during and between POS transactions. APG’s cash drawers are constructed of sturdy steel, utilize durable drawer slides, and come equipped with a four function lock.

What is the price of my cash drawer?

We are the cash drawer factory. We build and sell only to our Distributors and OEM customers. Configure a cash drawer then choose a distributor to receive a quote.

How do I purchase an APG cash drawer?

We are the cash drawer factory. We build and sell only to our Distributors and OEM customers. Configure a cash drawer then choose a distributor to receive a quote.

How do I use the media slots and media storage area?

Many styles of APG drawers include slots in the front of the drawer and space below the till inside the drawer to store various types of transaction media. Software may be written to take advantage of this feature by disabling the opening signal to the cash drawer when a non-cash transaction is taking place.

How should I use/manage my cash drawer keys?

Each cash drawer is shipped with two keys on a ring for the user’s convenience. Keys are intended typically for the store manager(s) to enhance security. APG recommends the removal of the key from the lock in normal operation. Leaving the key in the lock allows the possibility of the key being broken off in the lock.

Keys and locks are available for purchase on our online store.

What are the four lock functions? How can they be utilized?

Locked closed — The cash drawer may not be opened by an electrical signal from the host device. Use this when it is necessary to be away from the drawer for only a short period.
Online (opens electronically) — Normal operating orientation of the key when the drawer is driven by the host device.
Manual open — Allows manual access to the contents of the cash drawer.
Locked open — The cash drawer cannot be latched closed. Use when the retail environment is closed and the contents of the cash drawer have been removed. The cash drawer is a less-attractive target when it is left open and empty its contents removed.

How do I know what till to order for my cash drawer?

Please refer to this document to determine what till to purchase: Till Number Identifier.

I bought the wrong cash drawer what can I do?

You must contact your reseller for an exchange.

How do I use my cash drawer?

A cash drawer will open when properly connected to a host device, such as a computer or point of sale receipt printer capable of supporting a cash drawer. The drawer may also include a means of reporting its status, opened or closed, back to the host device.

A till is also included inside the drawer. The till has divided areas for separating various bill and coin denominations and other types of transaction media. Your cash drawer can rest on a counter top and act as a foundation for other POS equipment (including monitor, receipt printer, and keyboard). It can also be mounted under the counter with APG’s Under Counter Mounting Brackets. This can free up additional counter space.