APG Cash Drawer Driver and SDK Downloads:

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APG cash drawers can be fitted with a variety of different interfaces to ensure they communicate correctly with other Point Of Sale hardware and software. We do not provide drivers for cash drawers like the 320-24vdc, 420-12vdc, 520-12/24vdc interfaces. These drawers connect and are controlled by POS receipt printers or POS terminals. Refer to your printer or terminal manufacture for drivers/codes. Please review the cash drawer options below and download what’s needed for your retail store!



554A USBPro: https://cashdrawer.sharefile.com/d-s8292426c31344c3a

554B USBPro: https://cashdrawer.sharefile.com/d-s28a2b9aa3d041fbb

484A SerialPRO: https://cashdrawer.sharefile.com/d-s4dbbf4b58ad431e8

485 USBProLite: https://cashdrawer.sharefile.com/d-sa79027af2d74b3d9

487/497 NetPRO WebSockets: https://cashdrawer.sharefile.com/d-s0294d4a069249a4a

480A/490A NetPRO: https://cashdrawer.sharefile.com/d-s2fafd0bd4eb4665b

486/496 NetPRO Auth+Encrypt: https://cashdrawer.sharefile.com/d-s8665bbbaac34c13a

470 NetPRO: https://cashdrawer.sharefile.com/d-s3474fcfe2874909a



If you have questions, feel free to contact us at apgsupport@us.cashdrawer.com