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APG Cash Drawer to Introduce Smart Technology to Reinvent POS Operation at Checkout Terminals


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Minneapolis, Minnesota — April 1st, 2018 — APG Cash Drawer, a global manufacturer of cash management solutions is ecstatic to announce the release of the newest member of its SMART Technology product family, The Holographic Holiday Cashier POS Solution, HHCPS. The HHCPS will help global retail organizations dramatically eradicate the premium labor expenditures allocated to holidays while also reducing the operational costs of serving last minute shoppers.

“Family is an important part of the culture at APG, so much so we allow employees to take off their birthday and spend it with family. The recent trend by several of the leading retailers of reducing or eliminating their store hours on Thanksgiving has not gone unnoticed at APG.” stated Mark Olson, President & CEO APG Cash Drawer. “The value of the Holographic Holiday Cashier POS Solution lies in giving employers the ability to re-affirm the importance of each of their employees’ family members to the company. In so doing, I believe employers will gain more positive, driven and loyal employees who will buy into the company’s goals, objectives and vision.”

“The HHCPS gives retailers access to essentially an unlimited virtual labor pool. The HHCPS comes with over 1,000,000 holiday holograms already preprogrammed. It’s a solution all retailers can count on.  According to a recent Gallop study, over 22 million employees become less engaged which costs the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity per year.” says Stephen D. Bergeron, VP of Global Marketing at APG Cash Drawer. “The HHCPS’ ability to lower labor and operational costs will establish a new standard for holiday operations in many industries.  In the future to come, our auto-magic integration tool will allow easy adoption by not only our partner community but by all retail and hospitality verticals. Be on the lookout for the HHCPS, featuring all your favorite sports teams. APG’s family of Holographic Cashiers is truly a ground-breaking piece of tech.”


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About APG Cash Drawer, LLCAPG Cash Drawer, with over 39 years of POS industry experience, manufactures a wide range of highly durable and reliable cash drawer products that are delivered quickly to the marketplace. APG has built a reputation as the supplier of choice for cash management solutions for retail, grocery, hospitality, and quick serve for thousands of customers throughout the world. Whether it’s our general application cash drawer products, custom designed solutions, or the SMARTtill® Intelligent Cash Drawer, our products and brand are differentiated by our ability to deliver innovative technologies that globally enhance efficiency and security at the point of sale. To learn more about our products, visit our website or call +1 763-571-5000. Follow us on Twitter at @apgcashdrawer and on Facebook.


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By Breanna Brown

Global Marketing Manager
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