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New Products for New Times: APG’s Guardiant Shields

Guardiant Shields and Sneeze Guards in Hospitality

Providing Peace of Mind with Sneeze Guards in Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced both consumers and businesses to rethink their activities and priorities. As restrictions that temporarily halted eat-in restaurant and in-store sales start to ease, many consumers are weighing the benefits against the risks of resuming their patronage of these businesses.

Businesses need to find ways to draw customers back in without worrying about contracting the virus. Retail and hospitality businesses are evolving their marketing messages based on a change in consumer values. Hotel chains are no longer talking about luxurious fine dining and 1,000 thread-count sheets. Messages have shifted to room cleaning between visits, safety protocols, and staff precautions. Other retailers in general are also touting their cleanliness messaging as key talking points in their conversations with customers.                  

Countertop sneeze guards in hospitality and hotels

Sanitation and Separation in Retail and Hospitality Settings

To that end, businesses in the U.S. and across the globe are taking sanitation and social distancing measures to keep their employees and customers safe. It’s easier said than done because retail shops and restaurants are by design places of interaction and social congregation.

Nevertheless, businesses have no choice but to do what they can to promote sanitation and social distance because the alternative is to keep their doors closed until the pandemic is over. Of course, no one knows when that will be, and according to experts’ estimates, it could be another year before the virus runs its course. By then, a lot of businesses could fail if they can’t find a way to stay open.

The separation between individuals is key to containing the Coronavirus. Unless individuals can stay six feet apart, as recommended by medical experts, physical separation is the most effective way to prevent transmission. This is why, as consumers start making their way back to their favorite retail shops and restaurants, they are likely to see some changes.

Plastic and Plexiglas vs. Poly carbonate

Plastic and Plexiglass vs. Polycarbonate Sneeze Guards

In most retail shops and restaurants, patrons will likely see sneeze guards at countertops and checkouts. These usually consist of a cheaper plastic or Plexiglass panels that create a temporary, transparent barrier between staff and customers.

But not all sneeze guards are created equal. A long-lasting and more robust solution is made of clear, semi-clear or fluted polycarbonate. It has a different chemical composition from acrylic plastic and is much less flammable. Polycarbonate is often a preferred option for retail businesses, schools, and workplace settings where building and fire codes require flame-retardant material. Larger versions of these panels are also available, giving restaurants, bars, salons, fitness centers, and banks an option to set up barriers between tables, seating areas or queued customers.

medical sneeze Guards for healthcare and dental offices

Helping Customers and Employees Feel Safe

To help meet demand, APG Cash Drawer identified a new way to serve our customers by introducing  Retail and Medical Guardiant™ Shields, a series of sneeze guards and barriers ranging in size and format. Guardiant™ Shields are made from durable, clear polycarbonate, fire-retardant panels framed in solid aluminum, providing the robustness needed for high-traffic retail environments.

One model is trifold with collapsible panels that stack on top of each other at a height of three inches. The trifolds, some of which have a small aperture for the exchange payments, IDs or other goods, are designed for counters and checkouts. These are installed at retail and convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies, providing a visible barrier while allowing face-to-face interaction

The Guardiant™ Shield series also includes floor-standing models nearly six feet tall. These longer panels are designed for settings such as restaurants, where the shields can be deployed between tables, as well as banks and ticketing windows where it is common for patrons to form queues for service.

All shields are flame-retardant, making them a durable and safe solution for multiple environments and business settings. With manufacturing facilities located in Minneapolis, MN and London, UK, product lead time is short, meeting the increased demands for PPE from retailers globally.

countertop sneeze guard in coffee s

Sneeze Guard Solutions and Quality You Can Count On

The pandemic has created challenges and opportunities. Demand for products such as sneeze guards naturally has increased with the pandemic. For APG, it opened a new path through which we can serve our customers and help them during a difficult time. You’ve come to rely over the years on our robust cash drawers and intelligent cash management solutions, and now you can turn to us for a product that helps protect your employees and customers, providing a little peace of mind as a business start to reopen in the COVID-19 era.

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