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Nine Things POS Solution Providers Should Consider Before Getting Started with Digital Marketing

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Many point-of-sale solution providers lack the budget or resources to dedicate a digital marketing plan. While an online presence is essential to doing business, there are certain tactics to consider before starting a digital marketing plan. Some strategies can be easy to implement without a big investment. Since solution providers tend to be technicians, they need help with marketing. Here are some suggestions:

1) Repurpose what you can: Do an audit of your current content and think about any larger pieces you’ve created and the ways this can be repurposed. Through content disaggregation, a white paper or eBook can be adapted, dissected and distributed into multiple forms though various channels. One white paper cut into smaller, bite sized chucks can be pushed out as a blog, social campaign, eblast, video, infographic or webinar. All of these pieces should push your audience back to the main piece of content with a clear call to action. (Content Pillar Strategy).

content marketing Content Data Blogging Media Publication Information Vision Concept2) Hire experts: Create a marketing position on your staff. Focus on recruiting a candidate with expertise in areas such as digital marketing, social media, SEO, design, content development and website experience. Use a marketing agency if budget constraints prevent you from hiring in-house talent or you need to augment in-house skills. Use the criteria above to find the right fit.

3) Leverage online tools: Many online marketing tools are available at a low or no cost for email campaigns, SEO practices, analytics and social media, among other functions. Free marketing trainings, white papers and digital assessments are also available. Learn to leverage them.

4) Network with peers: Making connections through industry conferences, marketing associations and web-based events helps generate marketing ideas. Learning from others can save you a lot of time and effort.

5) Shot of a group of POS business people arranging sticky notes on a glass wall in a modern officeIdentify your SME’s: Subject matter experts within your company can range from the person who answers the phone to the mechanical engineer. Meet with these people to do a “brain dump” to generate content ideas.

6) Know the Investment: Marketing “automation” doesn’t necessarily mean less work. Customer list segmentation and content marketing will require upfront effort. Consider hiring a dedicated marketing person or outsourcing work to a fractional professional within your industry.

7) Track Campaigns in CRM: Most marketing automation tools integrate with CRM systems. Track customer retention, opportunities and sales to determine the total value of your marketing campaigns.

8) Look at the Big Picture: All marketing initiatives should be tied to strategic business objectives and reviewed quarterly and yearly, using the metrics to determine which work and which should be discontinued.

9) Permission to Reengage: Once you have engagement, drip content in small doses. Become a trusted advisor. By providing thought leadership and value, your relationship and brand equity will grow

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By Robert Banker

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