Manufacturer Brand Erosion: Protecting Brand Identity through Channel Partners

abstract motion-blurred view from the front of a train in Tokio, JapanAPG Cash Drawer, like many other manufacturers, relies on the indirect sales channel to get our products and solutions into the hands of our end user customers. This involves working with distributors, POS resellers, OEMs and software developers to ensure our products and services deliver maximum value.

At APG we understand the important role our channel partners play by extending our reach and giving us the opportunity to build a recognizable, respected brand. Our partners pave the path to the end customer, and it is our channel partners that deliver our solutions quickly to the marketplace. That’s why we work closely with them to ensure customers’ needs are being met, answer pre-sales questions and tackle any post-sales issues that might arise. Supporting our channel partners allows us to build our brand loyalty within the point of sale community.

The indirect channel ecosystem is made up of many players and these players have a different role in each of the verticals and tiers. Though our products often remain the same, it is our support and services that add the necessary value to the brand. Our OEM partners give us reach into the tier 1 and tier 2 marketplace, Distributors give us reach into the SMB channel marketplace, while their reseller community gives us additional feet on the street. The ISV community develops applications that get the most out of our IP enabled products.


Closeup shot of a group of business people joining their hands together in unityCollaboration with Partners

In working with partners, it’s not only our high-quality products that help build the APG brand; it is our services as well.  We have to get our brand story and value-add across even as our partners convey their own identity and value to customers. Many of our channel partners depend upon APG as an extension of their services. Resellers require instant access to inventory; at APG we have established a world class distribution channel that offers that instant access.

Our message and offerings must coincide with theirs so we can present a cohesive message. When developing this message, the correct logo, textual fonts and product pictures must be easily available. What about landing page support and sales training? All these services help build the brand and develop a loyal channel.

This requires us to fine-tune our product development to customer requirements and the alignment of our support resources to partner needs. We serve two constituencies, and we must take care of both. That takes a lot of listening so we can get an understanding of the pain points, requirements and business objectives at both the partner and customer level.

Vendors that pay no attention to this and instead treat channel partners as nothing but middlemen limit their potential for success. Partners naturally have a stronger relationship with vendors that work with and understand them.


businessman showing virtual approved check markStrong Track Record

We’ve always prided ourselves in going the extra mile to understand our partners and customers. Our partners know what we’re about and we know what they need. That’s reflected in the solutions we develop and partner support infrastructure we’ve built. And that’s how we’ve created a brand identity with a track record of strong customer loyalty.

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By Breanna Brown

Global Marketing Manager
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