Differentiating General Application from Bespoke Products

Cash is King and a cash drawer isn’t always a cash drawer. Demand for general application products has soared since early 2011. The need for highly custom or Bespoke cash drawer continues to grow. From the UK’s largest bakeries to major supermarkets across global landscapes, the need to refresh POS systems for a myriad of customers has created exciting projects in the product pipeline. Our aim is to deliver innovative solutions to new and existing OEM customers and global checkout manufacturers.color cash drawers

Entry level cash drawers from the far east have been hitting our shores for decades. While they are low in cost, they do not always meet customers’ requirements and level of product durability. If the price is the only factor in considering procuring products, then the western world will never compete with far eastern manufacturing. Across the globe, APG’s general application and bespoke products have become more prevalent in recent years.


How do we know if a product is a General Application?

apg-cash-drawer-bespoke-circle-diagramNaturally, uncertainty is associated with decisions to procure and select a point of sale system.  Retailers must consider how to integrate these systems within their POS landscapes or store footprints. So, what is the difference between general application and bespoke products?

Simply put, when one is in search for a standard cash drawer solution that would take Euros, Pounds, Dollars and other currencies, think general application. General application solutions have no specific customization for usage, as they are made to enhance and satisfy your immediate needs. They also provide longevity and security the other products do not offer.

When you think general application consider our Heavy Duty, Series 4000, Series 100, Vasario product lines and E-Series brands which include the 460MOD03 Flip Lid or Micro and STD2000 cash drawers — to name a few.

What are Bespoke products? 

hasp-drawerWhile custom in many ways implies an additional cost to most, Bespoke, on the contrary, is a part of every-day life. Customers seek variety and an unlimited amount of choices when it comes to meeting their needs. Bespoke products give them that liberty along with other remedies. When you have a physical or systemic problem at the POS, think Bespoke.  Bespoke products speak to the following problems: “I have limited space in my check stand and need a custom size drawer;” “I need unique locks;” “I need a special till insert for my cash drawer” or “I need to be able to stack my POS integration housing on top of the drawer.” When these problems arise, Bespoke cash drawers are the solution.

Bespoke products such as the SL3000 and 490MOD03 cash drawers can be used for convenience stores (gas station/ food court). The Flexi, Nano, and Maxi cash drawer provide hospitality needs (hotel, sports, casino, entertainment center, theater). Further, APG’s Bespoke product specifications include but are not limited to colors, interfaces, integrations systems, custom branding and brochures, OEM private label products, a variation of inserts/tills, stainless steel options and additional security features for customers. Retailers can customize and create the ideal POS system for their individual environments.

No matter your cash management challenges we know you value security, reliability, and peace-of-mind. With more general application and Bespoke products installed in the grocery, retail, convenience, and hospitality industries, APG Cash Drawer has a solution for you.

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By Nick Westgate

Senior Product Manager of Custom Products
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