Removing Compromise from Cloud POS

Tablet POS Trancastion Over the past decade or so, the bulk of Point of Sale solutions have consisted of one of two flavors: PC-Based and embedded (cash registers, vending, kiosks, etc) applications. Not long ago, tablet-based POS providers started to enter the fray with simple, but intuitive applications running on aesthetically-pleasing platforms aimed directly at small merchants. Then came the browser or cloud-based POS providers that are quickly becoming the de facto starting point for new POS start-ups for a few reasons: 1) New POS providers have no dealer channel to handle local installs, so a POS in a browser with a “bring your own device” approach is a must for many new entrants, 2) Cloud POS is simple to upgrade because there’s no local software, which is invaluable for a POS start-up releasing version updates every other day, 3) Cloud POS is ideal for providers looking to get into a recurring revenue or SaaS model.

PaymentsDrawer-embedded-IPTran-LT-Mobile-smallerOf course, Cloud POS has its own inherent challenges as well. Without local software or hardware, driving POS peripherals (cash drawers, printers, PIN Pads, MSRs, scanners, scales, etc.) becomes much more complex – an issue that’s exacerbated by the looming EMV shift in October. These POS peripherals add a significant up-front cost to the solution, often negating a lot of the cost savings that likely drew the merchant to a Cloud POS offering in the first place. Purchasing these components also presents a problem in that the retailer must do their own research to find them vs. buying them all from one source.

Cloud POSFor these reasons, successful Cloud POS providers are working toward bundled hardware options that allow them to offer a soup to nuts POS package for a single monthly fee to the merchant. Even more challenges for cloud POS providers…. How do you ensure that you get paid for the hardware you provide? How can you ensure that the hardware you provide isn’t used for a competing POS package? How do you handle payments updates — especially EMV migration?

This is where Datacap Systems and APG Cash Drawer can help. With PaymentsDrawer™, POS providers gain instant access to virtually all US Payment Processors, plug and play support for a wide variety of POS peripherals (EMV-enabled PIN Pads, MSRs, Printers, Displays, Scanners, Scales) and access to product rental programs that include options for turn-key hardware bundling programs. Ideal for “as-a-service” sales models, the PaymentsDrawer is remotely activated/de-activated, ensuring that the POS provider is in the driver’s seat for the entire POS offering, not just the browser-based application. With no up-front capital outlay for the POS provider, the risk often associated with current HaaS programs is completely removed. Cloud and mobile POS no longer have to be synonymous with compromise.


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