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Selecting a Cash Drawer – Part 1 : Introduction


When starting up a new business or updating an existing one, usually the cash drawer is the last on your mind when it comes to the POS system. However, if you want a successful business, and you plan to accept payments, your cash drawer and POS system are absolutely necessary. It is always reassuring to do business with a trusted and established company; APG Cash Drawer has been providing these services for over 35 years and is well known for their durable and dependable products. A cash drawer is more than just a box at your POS station; there are many options to consider in order to properly fulfill your needs. APG Cash Drawer has addressed many of the operational factors that ensure a quality built drawer. Beyond the appearance of your cash drawer, the following attributes should be explored:

  •  Operational Expectations – Goals
  • Till Features – Options
  • What Interface Technology Drives the Process?
  • Aesthetics and Store Layout


Each of the above sections will be highlighted throughout the weekly installments of this series,
Selecting a Cash Drawer.
Look for Part 2 : Operational Expectations – Goals next week.



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By Breanna Brown

Global Marketing Manager
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