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APG’s Cash Mob

Bob's Produce Ranch sign

“Always, Always, Always, Pay by Cash!”

APG Cash Drawer is driven to create exceptional customer experiences.  What better way to create an exceptional experience than by a cash mob?  If you are unfamiliar, a cash mob is an organized event held at a local business to promote community stimulus and brand awareness.Fanning Cash at the Cash Mob

On October 24th, 2013 APG Cash Drawer held its very first cash mob at local grocer Bob’s Produce Ranch here in friendly Fridley, Minnesota.  We packed up the APG team onto buses, wore cash colored shirts of solidarity, and headed to Bob’s Produce Ranch for lunch to support a local business and to illustrate our mantra,

“Always, Always, Always, Pay by Cash!”

We had a successful event with over ninety (90) cash paying customers.  The cash mob was certainly fun way to share our business with our community through one local company supporting another.

APG Cash Mob signPlease feel free to comment on this post.

Would you participate in a cash mob to support your community?

Can you think of any fun aspects to include in a cash mob to make a lasting impression?

To view the official APG Cash Mob press release, click here.

To view more photos of our cash mob event, click here.

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By Breanna Brown

Global Marketing Manager
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