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ScanSource’s Geek Fest 2010

How many supplier/customer relationships extend deeply into each organization – beyond the sales rep and buyer?

In a perfect world every product is simple, customers are tech-savvy, nothing ever breaks, and every product has an exact plug-n-play equivalent made by a competitor that requires no system changes. We don’t live in that perfect world.

ScanSource‘s inaugural Geek Fest was held in May 2010. Geek Fest, simply put, is a forum to create partnerships between the Technical Services and Support Groups at ScanSource and those of their vendors.

ScanSource views the technical support it provides to its customers as a significant value-add and a differentiation between them and other “box-pushing” distributors.

Primary goals of Geek Fest: Sharing information, education and training of the technical support staff, sharing war stories – and most importantly creating one-on-one personal relationships, building trust, and having fun.

I’m looking forward to next year!

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By Paul St. George

Director of Product Management - Mobile & Interface Solutions
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