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Cash Drawers Go Green

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Today I wanted to talk about what APG has been doing to sustain an environmentally friendly workplace. We’ve recently posted 2 press releases about our green efforts, but I also think it’s important to share these other efforts. Here are a few things that we do at APG to contribute to a sustainable environment.


Lean Manufacturing

APG uses lean manufacturing. This concept can also be applied to the ‘indirect’ costs and efforts to be green. Lean production and lean manufacturing are applied by using efficient methods to reduce costs and eliminate waste and non-value added activities. Lean manufacturing also attributes to delivering what the customer wants, on time. Last year, APG introduced team Kill-O-Watt. Part of Kill-O-Watt’s premise is to reduce waste, save money, and increase company performance. This year our efforts to reduce as much waste as possible were very practical, but also indirectly lean and green.


Vendor Recycling Program

APG includes vendors in their recycling program. We expanded our ECO friendly efforts to include steps to return corrugated materials to their suppliers. These materials are then reused and returned to APG on the next shipment. Worn down materials are consistently recycled to produce new corrugated products. This effort saves time, energy, space, and trees. It also eliminates waste and provides a cleaner safer work environment for employees and the community.


Product Recycling

APG Cash Drawer has a fully integrated cash drawer manufacturing facility. As many of you know, cash drawers are made almost entirely of steel. At APG, we use a steel recycling program which reclaims over one million pounds of steel per year. Many cash drawer parts go through a powder coat process. Environmentally friendly powder coat paint is applied to each cash drawer using a new low temperature cure process technology. As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, we strive to research and develop new processes.


Community Involvement

APG Cash Drawer has also been diligently working to increase awareness on what employees can do to reduce waste at work and also in the community. Every fall and spring, a group of volunteers gathers to collect trash around the area. It is amazing/sad how much garbage you can find around your community. It only takes an hour or two to really make a difference. By simply collecting pop bottles and office paper or cleaning up trash in your community, there are many simple ways to increase green habits and take action.

Links to 2 of APG’s recent press releases are listed below:

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By Breanna Brown

Global Marketing Manager
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