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APG Cash Drawer at EuroCIS 2010

EuroCIS 2010 Booth

In March 2010, APG attended the EuroCIS Retail tradeshow in Dusseldorf, Germany and we were pleasantly surprised with the turnout. The show happened to overlap with the CeBIT show, which was being held in Hannover. We were concerned that the bigger CeBIT show might overshadow the EuroCIS show. Fortunately, we found that many tradeshow attendees scheduled their travel plans to include both shows. People told us they were staying in Dusseldorf where hotels were plentiful, and then taking the train to Hannover to visit CeBIT. Attendees traveled from as far away as South Africa, Spain, Russia, Italy, UK, Nordics and the Middle East. We now think the CeBIT show actually helped boost the attendance of EuroCIS. It brought more tradeshow attendees to Germany and drew them from farther away.

Next year this show is in Dusseldorf again, but it is called EuroShop. EuroShop is a huge show covering everything needed in retail environments. Because of the number of vendors and types of products being shown, the entire Messe is full. We are planning to go again next year during this show and again in 2012 when it goes back to EuroCIS stature.

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By Breanna Brown

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