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Welcome to APG Cash Drawer’s Image Library!

Please explore the drop downs below to download APG’s logos, product and accessories images. Product images are available in JPEG, and PNG (no background). We will be adding more product images as they become available. Please note that not every product image will have every format available. For special image requests, please email us at


To download JPEG and PNG Images:

Click on the image you wish to download. A preview of the image will appear in a pop-up window. Right click on the center of the image and select, “save image as.” Save the image to a specified location on your own computer.

Please note: Many of our product images are named without a specified cash drawer interface. We have many interface options available (320, 420, 520, 554A, etc) and different interfaces will not change a cash drawer’s appearance. Therefore, an “xxx” within a product image name can designate any interface. For example product image “VBxxx-AW1313” can be used for VB320-AW1313 and VB520-AW1313 and so on.

For questions about images and image rights, please email Currently our APG Image Library is under construction but, we can still provide you images if contacted by email.


GFK Etilize Syndication

Recently we have partnered with Etilize, a third party content aggregator, to better optimize and enhance our product content listings with key channel partners like yourself.  Our product pages are now filled with high quality, rich, and even A+ data, to increase end user conversions on your site.

This data is kept in an APG Cash Drawer branded portal that we are giving you free access to via the below link.  Please click and create a username/password to login and have access to a real time view into every one of our products and all associated content.  This includes titles, subtitles, feature benefit bullets, marketing descriptions, images, videos, product identifiers, A+ content and more.  This data is highly normalized and standardized for your easy ingestion and display.

Reseller Portal Link:

Documentation/Instructions Page for any FAQ:

Please bookmark the site for easy access as APG constantly adds skus and updates product content.  We look forward to your adoption of our enhanced product content to sell more APG Cash Drawer skus with you!

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Caddy SPM Organizer

Caddy SPM Organizer

Guardiant Shield + Sneeze Guard

Guardiant Countertop Shield Tri-Fold Screen + Sneeze Guard

Guardiant Countertop Shield Single Screen + Sneeze Guard

Guardiant Floor Standing Shield and Sneeze Guard

Series 4000 Cash Drawers

Series 4000 Product Family

Series 4000 - 1317 Cash Drawer

Series 4000 - 1816 Cash Drawer

Series 4000 - 1820 Cash Drawer

Series 4000 - 1821 Cash Drawer

Series 4000 - 2020 Cash Drawer

Series 4000 - 2021 Cash Drawer

Vasario™ Series Cash Drawers

Vasario Series Cash Drawer Product Family

Vasario Series - 1313 Cash Drawer

Vasario Series - 1416 Cash Drawer

Vasario Series - 1616 Cash Drawer

Vasario Series - 1618 Cash Drawer

Vasario Series - 1915 Cash Drawer