Square Cash Drawer Integration


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What kind of cash drawer should you purchase to work with Square?

Square introduces more ways to engage with customers. Square now integrates with cash drawers and receipt printers. With a single tap on an iPad, you can open your register’s drawer to complete a cash sale or make change. Please read the options below carefully before purchasing a cash drawer.




square stand

square stand

If you are using the Square Stand and
connecting the cash drawer to the
USB port, buy VB554A-BL1616.
If you are using the Square Stand or
Square Register App, but want to connect
the cash drawer to the printer’s cash drawer port,
buy VB320-BL1616 and the CD-101A cable
PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing a receipt printer
with a USB interface to connect to the Square stand,
the VB320-BL1616 will not work.


For other cash drawer options, please view:

Square Cash Drawer Options Brochure