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How to Find Your Cash Register Drawer Part ID or Part Number

Wondering what kind of cash drawer you have? Trying to figure out your cash drawer part number or part ID? We can help! Follow the instructions below and watch the video to find out how to locate your cash drawer part ID or part number:

  1. If your key code on the lock front begins with an ‘A,’ you have a heavy duty cash drawer.
  2. Open the drawer remove and the till to see the silver label in the inner drawer.
  3. The J signifies you have a series 4,000 drawer and the T indicates you have the series 100 drawer. The last 6 digits before the dash are the manufacture date. This is your warranty start date.
  4. If you have a 3-digit code on your drawer lock, You have the Vasario -standard duty cash drawer and your part ID is located on the bottom of the whole unit. Please note the manufacture date label. This is your warranty start date.

If you are calling for assistance please have the part ID and serial number ready We will be happy to assist you. We truly thank you for purchasing our products.

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