SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution

APG Cash Drawer introduces the SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution

SMARTtill™ Cash Management Solution

Key Benefits:

better check iconReconciles cash to sales madeflag iconIdentifies and flags errors by shift, time, cashier and transaction
graphic iconTracks all cash movements and identifies the cash in the drawer by denominationhault stop hand iconNo service interruptions for mid-shift cash reconciliations and deters temptation for cash theft
clock iconUp to 30 minutes saved per POS per day on cash counts and reduces time spent on cash loss investigationpercent iconReduces cash losses by up to 90%


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Key Features of the SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution:


Managing cash can be a time consuming and costly process for any cash payment environment. The SMARTtill® Solution will deliver real benefits in key areas of your organisation.

• Dramatically reduce time spent managing cash
• Significantly reduce cash losses
• Ensure full cashier accountability
• Reduce the cost of cash to your organisation
• Eradicate the need for random Point of Sale security checks
• Reduce the cost of investigating discrepancies
• View the actual cash content in real time


SMARTtill Cash Management Functionality Graphic

Costs incurred
by Retailers

Benefits of the SMARTtill® Solution


Lengthy cash reconciliationAutomatic reconciliation at the POS is carried out in seconds after every transaction. Summary reports are provided for shift and end of day.
Down time at the checkoutNo need to close the checkout for reconciliation, shift changes or security checks.
High cost of cash handlingContinuous cash management identifies ideal operating cash levels optimizing the timing and frequency of top ups and eliminating time spent counting cash.

Customer Service

Checkout downtime during security checksInstant report of current cash drawer value, includes – discrepancies, debits, credits and cash sales.
Customer queriesInstant and real-time interrogation of the cash drawer value.
Cash availabilityOperate with optimum float for all denominations.

Management Processes

Discrepancy managementIdentification of errors by cashier and shift, in real time.
Establishing cash totals for each POSSummary reports identify total cash values by checkout including cash lifted and added.
Cash drawer managementImproves fixed float processes by reducing labor related reconciliation and interruptions to customer service, or enabling a rolling float process.


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