E3600 Flip-Top Cash Drawer

Suitable for a variety of currencies, the Flip-Top is designed to save space and increase efficiency.

Flip-Top Cash Drawer

Tested to last beyond 2 million operations, this heavy duty cash drawer integrates seamlessly into the check lane. The APG Flip-Top Cash Drawer may be integrated into traditional, self-check and mobile check stands.

As the Flip-Top’s name suggests, the lid flips up to open and provide access to the currency in the drawer. This narrow depth cash drawer provides easy access to the coin and vertical bill storage whether the clerk is seated or standing at the point of sale.

The lid opens fully every time, ensuring easy access to the contents of the till.

The E3600 Flip-Top Cash Drawer Features

A centrally located release mechanism allows the lid to be latched securely without slamming.

APG’s Flip-Top Cash Drawer significantly reduces twisting and bending to access the drawer. it saves space, decreases transaction times and improves service, as the cashier need not turn away from the customer.

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