NetPRO® Mobile Solution Suite of Cash Drawers

Connect your iPad or Mobile Device to APG’s NetPRO® Family of Cash Drawers: Wireless NetPRO® WiFi Cash DrawerEthernet, Wired, and WebSockets

APG’s NetPRO® interface will be a compelling aspect of your m-POS application. Available with Ethernet, and wireless Ethernet, this cash drawer communicates with retailer’s mobile POS devices for cash drawer control. Concerned about security in today’s mobile world? NetPRO® cash drawers offer bar-code claiming for local protection. Worried about keeping an eye on the checkout? NetPRO® cash drawers collect the transaction data, supplying the information necessary to identify security issues and to validate cashier training.

Concerned about unauthorized or unusual drawer openings? NetPRO® cash drawer access alert NetPRO® with Motion Tabletfeatures can activate security cameras, time and date stamp security video recordings, and broadcast alert messages to a store manager’s mobile devices.


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(Note: Your POS software must be designed to work with APG’s NetPRO® interface.
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Casg Drawer Mobile Alerts

Includes drawer status reporting

Handheld devices connect to the drawer through the network

Bar code label for ‘claiming’ the networked drawer. This establishes the connection between the specific mobile device and the drawer

Thin client doesn’t require another device to connect the drawer to the system such as a printer or full function PC

Cash Drawer Asset Management

Asset Management

Cash Drawer usage statistics stored in non volatile memory

Battery back-up for an estimated 10 year life

On-board statistics help optimize useful life of each of the drawers

Device name and service data can be written to the device header

Remote access to the drawer datahelps established maintenance schedule

Reporting possible on the above features

Remote tech support

Cash Drawer Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Logging of cash drawer access events

Date/time stamp of openings

Ability to talk to any other Ethernet device

Turn on security cameras

Send alerts to the store manager

Historical Cash Drawer access event log stored in the interface non volatile memory

Allows for comparing of drawer operation stats with POS information

Drawer open alarm option can be programmed to allow the drawer to beep if the drawer is open too long or opened by a key or …

NetPRO® Interface 470, 480/490, 781/791, 486/496, 487/497, 488, 789 Features Chart:


Watch the NetPRO® Ethernet Interface Demo Video

Ethernet Network in a Retail Environment Diagram

Mobile POS Diagram

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