E-Series Cash Drawers

EB520-BL4541 Open Front

Series E3000 Layflat Cash Drawer

The Series E3000 with its ergonomic design and generously sized note compartments allow cashiers to give change faster and with an optional weighable coin cup accessory kit makes coin counting easy resulting in improved productivity.

FlipTop MFxxx-BL460 Open Front - JPG
Series E3600 Flip-top Cash Drawer

The Series E3600 cash drawer is focused on low cost of ownership, ease of use and speed through the check-out. Tested to last beyond 2 million operations, the flip-top delivers uncompromising performance and quality.

EPK-BL4616 - E3900 Cassette open

Series E3900 Cassette Cash Drawer

The Series E3900 Cash Cassette delivers uncompromising performance and quality focused on low cost of ownership, ease of use and speed through the checkout. It additionally combines a high capacity insert tray with extensive media storage under the insert. The till Insert can accommodate 8 coins & 5 notes.

STD2000 Layflat Cash Drawer

STD2000 Cash Drawer

The STD2000, which accepts the majority of European currencies, is a tough & dependable cash drawer designed to offer generous storage and a stable, strong EPoS platform for a prolonged life.

STD2000 Layflat Cash Drawer

MICRO Cash Drawer

The MICRO, which accepts the majority of European currencies, is a uniquely designed drawer that has the same footprint as a Flip Lid but with all the functions of a front opening cash drawer. It Ideal for use in situations where space is limited, the MICRO features a short opening of just 173 mm.


460MOD03 Flip-Top Cash Drawer

Acclaimed as best of breed in the industry, the 460MOD03 wide Flip Lid, which accepts the majority of European currencies, is a hard wearing cash drawer that delivers a low cost of ownership with its prolonged operational life.