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The Unknown Truth About Self-Checkout

If you’ve been through a self-checkout lane at a supermarket or department store, you’ve probably concluded that “self” is more aspiration than reality. Something always seems to go wrong, prompting the self-checkout machine to inform you an attendant is on the way to help. Perhaps the scanner can’t scan a coupon or an item’s bar-code.

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Fighting Counterfeit Bills in Retail this Holiday Season

Retailers know this cold fact: Receive a counterfeit bill, and you’re often stuck with it. Counterfeit bills cannot be exchanged for real currency, and trying to pass one off to someone else is illegal. The chances of a retailer getting stuck with a fraudulent bill are fairly high. During the busy holiday season, business often

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Supermarket Managers Pressed for Time

While nine of 10 US grocery store department managers in a recent survey said they love their jobs, many lamented “not having enough time” to do them effectively even though survey participants gave themselves high marks for time management. About half of the respondents said their departments don’t get “enough labor hours to effectively complete

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