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2017 Outlook: Eight POS Trends to Watch

Each new year brings changes, reaffirmation of trends and patterns, and new developments. In the retail and hospitality space, expect to see in 2017 a continuation of the trend toward mobility, cloud-based solutions and the emergence of Unified Commerce strategies. Some belt-tightening is also likely as these industries wade through economic and political uncertainties, particularly

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POS Industry Trends, Payment Disruptors and Cash Usage

In an interview with ETA’s Transction Trends, APG’s V.P. of Global Marketing, Stephen Bergeron discusses some industry trends, payment distruptors, and his personal cash usage What Industry Trends or Issues are Important to You Right Now? Businesses are looking for ways to control labor and reduce shrink and retailers are no exception. As the minimum

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Does the Surge in UK Contactless Payments Hint at Cash’s Demise?

One in five retail purchases under £30 in the United Kingdom these days are completed with contactless payments. Instead of handing cash to a store clerk or swiping a card, shoppers use “tap and go” cards, smart cards or mobile wallet apps through their smartphones and watches to pay for purchases. In April 2016, The Telegraph reported that

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